Better Package Management

You are managing your Python packages using pip and requirements.txt spec files already. Maybe, you are even pinning them too—that’s awesome. But how do you keep your environments clean and fresh?

Alexander Klöpping in Silicon Valley

Over the last three weeks, the Dutch broadcaster VARA has been airing three special episodes of DWDD University: a documentary Alexander Klöpping made about Silicon Valley.

Pin Your Packages

In building your Python application and its dependencies for production, you want to make sure that your builds are predictable and deterministic. Therefore, always pin your dependencies.

Open Sourcing: the Ultimate Isolation

Reflecting on how I build software lately, I noticed a pattern. I tend to write libraries in absolute isolation, as if they were open sourced and the world is watching along.

In this post I try to explain why this works so well for me.

Introducing RQ

Introducing RQ

Today, I’m open sourcing a project that I’ve been working for the last few months. It is a Python library to put work in the background, that you’d typically use in a web context. It is designed to be simple to set up and use, and be of help in almost any modern Python web stack.

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