My name is Vincent Driessen and I'm a software engineer mainly interested in developing web-based products, writing high quality, maintainable, software, and interested in building programming tools that assist those goals. Areas of interests or expertise include modern JavaScript, Node, Flow/TypeScript, React, Elm, Python, Vim, and Git. This is my personal blog where I share my thought and ideas.

My usual online nickname is nvie, hence the name of this blog.

I'm located in The Netherlands, but have worked as a remote engineer since early 2012. I'm currently working at Liveblocks where I'm building developer tools for building online multiplayer apps. I've previously been a staff engineer at Simple Health, CTO of GitPrime, and have worked for in New York as a full-stack engineer, and for YesGraph as their tech lead.

My passion lies in building beautiful (web-based) products, from idea inception to shipping the final product. I care about the full stack, doing anything from data modeling, system architecture, tool building, back-end and front-end work.

I have a master's degree in Computer Science from Radboud University in Nijmegen, NL. Basically, I'm a tech enthusiast who breathes code and loves creating beautiful software. I'm an active contributor to open source projects and maintain a few of my own.


If you want to contact me, you can reach me via:

Hiring me

You can hire me for your projects via my company 3rd Cloud. My clients vary from big companies to start-ups and everything in between.