By Vincent Driessen
on Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Over the last three weeks, the Dutch broadcaster VARA has been airing three special episodes of DWDD University: a documentary Alexander Klöpping made about Silicon Valley.

The episodes can be freely watched online. I transcribed the episodes in an attempt to make it available to the whole world.

Copyright notice. I only link to the original footage from the VARA here, in order to overlay the subs. I didn’t steal any of the content. The subs are provided by myself.

Episode 1.0: The Rise

Footage is courtesy of VARA.

Episode 2.0: The Valley Now

Footage is courtesy of VARA.

Episode 3.0: The Future

By the time you read this, episode 3.0 hasn’t aired yet. But I’ll update this post once it’s available, too.

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