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By Vincent Driessen
on Thursday, March 04, 2010

Last week, I silently tagged gitflow 0.2. The most important changes since 0.1 are:

  • Order of arguments changed to have a more “gitish” subcommand structure. For example, you now say: git flow feature start myfeature
  • Better initializer. git flow init now prompts interactively to set up a gitflow enabled repo.
  • Added a command to list all feature/release/hotfix/support branches, e.g.: git flow feature list
  • Made all merge/rebase operations failsafe, providing a non-destructive workflow in case of merge conflicts.
  • Easy diff’ing of all changes on a specific (or the current) feature branch: git flow feature diff [feature]
  • Add support for feature branch rebasing: git flow feature rebase
  • Some subactions now take name prefixes as their arguments, for convenience. For example, if you have feature branches called “experimental”, “refactoring” and “feature-X”, you could say: git flow feature finish ref
    And gitflow will know you mean the “refactoring” feature branch.
    These actions are: finish, diff and rebase.
  • Much better overall sanity checking.
  • Better portability (POSIX compliant code)
  • Better (more portable) flag parsing using Kate Ward’s shFlags.
  • Improved installer. To install git flow as a first-class Git subcommand, simply type: sudo make install
  • Major and minor bug fixes.

That’s all for now.

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